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Esri Days 2018


Save the date As every year, we will also organize this year our Esri days. The Esri days will be held at the following locations: 25 October in Court-Saint-Etienne 14 November in Canach, Luxembourg The Esri days is a must for everyone who wants to learn the full potential of the ArcGIS platform, to learn new applications and to learn how tools can simplify work. You come in contact with other users and you can asks your questions to Esri Belux experts. You will also see examples on how the ArcGIS platform can efficiently be used. Participation is free but [...]

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European Transportation GIS Summit


Learn Best Practices and Innovative Approaches to Power Your GIS Platform The European Transportation GIS Summit is Europe's largest gathering of GIS users from road, rail, aviation, public transport, and maritime organizations. Join your peers, Esri subject matter experts, and leading solution providers for two days of networking and collaborating on innovative approaches to meeting real-world challenges by using GIS technology. Unite with the user community on October 2–3 in London for a wealth of takeaway value. Hear what's new and what's next in GIS technology at the opening Plenary Session. Discover GIS-powered solutions at the exhibition. Attend breakout sessions [...]

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Sentinel-2 – More Than Meets the Eye


Welcome to the ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World Every day we take in visual cues and make observations of the world around us. In many cases, we take the things we see to be self-evident, that they simply are as we perceive them to be. Other times, we more closely analyze and interrogate things that appear less familiar. Sometimes, just changing our visual perspective can offer additional illumination and enlightenment. Taking a step closer to understanding our Earth, through a wide range of visual and analytical perspectives, Esri is releasing Sentinel-2 Image Services to all Esri users. Those responsible [...]

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Esri User Conference Live Stream


We hope you’ll join us! It's a busy time of the year here at Esri. We're all working to make the 2018 User Conference a valuable experience for our users, partners, start-ups and distributors. This year’s theme—"GIS – Inspiring What’s Next”— focuses on the digital transformations made possible by technological advancements and the innovative ideas of GIS users. It’s your work that makes GIS progress possible, so we hope you are able to attend and learn about the next frontier in GIS. The strong sense of community among our users is what makes the User Conference special – so if you [...]

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Save up to 40% thanks to the KMO portefeuille


In the fall of 2018, we offer you the opportunity to follow a GIS training and to recover a large part of your registration fee! Through cooperation with SBM / Escala, it is possible to get back to 40% of the registration fee for 3 courses by using the SME portfolio. You can use the SME portfolio for the following courses: ArcGIS Pro: Essentiële workflows (3 day training) 06/11 & 08/11 & 13/11/2018 in Ghent 14-16/11/2018 in Wemmel Migreren van ArcMap naar ArcGIS Pro (2 day training) 24-25/09/2018 in Ghent 22-23/11/2018 in Wemmel Inleiding tot GIS met ArcGIS (2 day training) [...]

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Virtual Reality on AM/FM GIS Belux session


GIS and AUGMENTED REALITY The association AM/FM-GIS BELUX has a scientific and pedagogic goal, excluding all profitable activities, and wishes to stimulate the exchange of information between parties active in Automated Mapping (AM), Facility Management (FM), and other Geographical Information Systems (GIS) ; to encourage users to introduce these technics within public authorities and private companies. Esri Belux is present on the Seminar, Tuesday 5th June 2018 concerning augmented reality and will show different possibilities. More info concerning the seminar:

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Namur in 3D


3D Cartography The City opens an open access 3D modeling platform for the entire municipal area. Some 45,000 buildings have been mapped. The model presents various themes such as a detailed relief model, a high-resolution aerial photograph (5cm pixel), textured 3D buildings (in LOD2 detail level), roof thermography and the results of a potential analysis. Finally, the model also makes it possible to visualize the current and future major urban planning projects. Press Articles: Le Soir: RTBF: Namur Capitale : Namur en 3D Votre maison en 3D, c’est pour bientôt ! LaMeuse: Les toits de Namur, vraie mine électrique L'avenir: [...]

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Storymap: The EU school fruit, vegetables and milk scheme


The school scheme, funded through the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), provides fruit, vegetables and milk to schoolchildren as part of a wider programme of education about European agriculture and the benefits of healthy eating.  The ESRI Story Maps App gives them the opportunity to showcase the plan, engages the community and shares it with the world.

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Flemish hunting grounds


Pioneering role Hubertus Vereniging Vlaanderen vzw has played a pioneering role since 2007 in digitizing the Flemish hunting grounds. It is thanks to the investment and efforts of the hunting sector that the digital hunting plans have been realized. Hubertus Vereniging Vlaanderen takes its responsibility and contributes to making the hunting plans transparent and updating. The latter is a considerable administrative task, partly due to volatile ownership and difficult access to the land register. In the past it was legally possible to colorize plots smaller than 1 ha on which no hunting rights were leased in the hunting plan. Now [...]

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