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Telvent, part of Schneider Electric,  is a rapidly growing software development company that is a major force in the Geographical Information Systems (GIS) industry. They’ve provided engineering services for the utility industry since 1946, and have been an ArcGIS, AM/FM/GIS (Automated Mapping/Facilities Management/Geographic Information Systems) implementer since 1986. Over the years, Telvent has become an industry leader in GIS enterprise solution technology and is proud to supply superior software solutions to energy and water/wastewater utilities and municipalities around the world.

Within the industry, Telvent has adopted the following philosophies for doing business:

  • Acquire the brightest and most talented Utility Engineers, Computer Scientists, and GIS Specialists
  • Build enterprise GIS based upon industry standard components
  • Create flexible, open, and powerful utility solutions
  • Deliver leading edge technology to the end user
  • Build applications designed to enhance the integrated enterprise
  • Implement technology solutions for a dynamically changing industry.

This is their solution that we support

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